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on Mon Oct 15, 2018 8:45 pm

-23 man rosters.

-5-6 SP.
-6-7 RP.

-1 of every position.
-2 random bench.

Minor league size: 0-20



These tags can be found on the waiver wire. You can apply this tag to a player on your team and you can do the following (3):


-Change name, contract(1-7 years@ 8$)
-Add 8 Fire points
-Add 5 Hits and subtract 5 ABs
-Add 3 HR
-8 RBI
-5 SB
-Minus 8 SO
-Add 3 triples
-Add 5 doubles
-Add no trade clause. (10 Years @ 10$)
-Change position, minus 3 errors and add .75 dWAR.


-Add 7 Fire points.
-Add IP (1-25IP=2)(26-75IP=3)(76-130=4)(131-200=5)(201-290=6)(291-380=7)(381-480=Cool(481+ =10)
-Minus walks (50IP or less is 3)(51-125 is 4)(126 or more is 5 or 6)
-Add K. (under 50IP=2Ks)(51-100IP=3 Ks)(101-200=5ks)(201+ = 6Ks)
-Change name and RP/ SP convert
-Add no trade clause


Every teams starts with 1 players on as no trade. One pitcher or one batter.

A no trade player obviously cant be traded and has nice value of a 8-10 year deal at.8-10$/ year. You can add the no trade clause from the WW.


Typically your best player who will remain on your team untill someone else claims the franchise tag. Can switch this player at any time and will play for 10$ a year.


Every team will start with 150$.

After every season: (Division)
last place team gets 5$
Runner up loser gets 2$

Teams may trade certain players to the' WAIVER wire team for cash.

Including the WAIVER wire draft picks.


Max TRADES for a team in a season is 4. If a team is maxed out, it moves down to the next.

DAY 10: PR#7 swaps 2nd round picks and starting SS with PR#17.

DAY 15: PR#4 and PR#11 trade Catchers.

DAY 20: PR#20 Gets a WW transaction.

DAY 25: PR#1 trades a SP/RP/OF with #15.

DAY 30: Two last place teams in each division get WW claim.

DAY 35: PR#10 trades 1st rounder and #3 SP with PR#14.

Day 40: PR #13 Gives their 2nd rounder to PR#20.
PR#7 gives their 1st rounder to #14

DAY 45:PR#14 swaps OF#2/RP#2/SP#2 with PR#16

DAY 50: PR#5 swaps 1B with PR#20.

DAY 55: PR#18 = WW Claim

DAY 60: PR#6 and PR#9 trade any RP and any starting OF.

DAY 65: PR#1 gives RD2 draft pick to PR#11

DAY 70: Last place team in each division get a WW move.

DAY 75: PR#16 and PR#18 trade 3B and #1 SP.

DAY 90: PR#2 AND PR#6 tradr #4 SP and 3rd best RP.
Plus PR#12 AND PR#16 trade #4 SP and 3rd best RP.


ANy high end free agent can randomly get put on the WAIVER wire system .

If your team is first then you can pass, once you make a claim, you go to the bottom.

If tour team has a budget of 120$/120, you can still sign the player, the trick is the league will buy one,of your draft picks.

Top 5 pick: 20$
Mid first round: 14$
Late first round: 8$
Early 2nd: 5$
Late 2nd: 4$
Early 3rd: 3$
Late 3rd: 2$
4Th round: 1$


Progression: Peak at 29, degress at 31.

*****END OF SEASON CUP*******

Random seeding double round robin tournement.


-Star Cup Award trophy.
-1 Extra Training
-4$ added to bank (runner up gets 3$...3rd gets 2$...4 gets 1$...)
-Young prospect added to their minor league team.
Teams 1st-6th get end of season STAR TROPHY.

Trophy awarded to the world series winner.

Star awarded to tournement champs END season.

Playoff shootout and tournament place listed on team noted page.

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